Taylor Stickle

My name is Taylor Stickle, and I am an instructor here at International Speech and Debate Academy, as well as the Director of Speech and Interpretation. I am also the captain of the Saddleback College Speech and Debate team! Last year I competed in Drama, Duo, Poetry, and Reader’s Theatre. I took Bronze in Poetry at our Fall Champs tournament, Bronze in Drama and Duo at the State tournament, and Gold in Interpreter’s Theatre at Nationals last year. This year I am competing in Prose, POI, Duo, and Interpreter’s Theatre, and have my eyes set on taking Gold in all four at State and Nationals! After this year I am hoping to transfer to Cal State Long Beach and continue to compete on the four year circuit. When I’m not practicing for competitions or studying for classes you can usually find me practicing the guitar or singing, sewing dresses and costumes, playing Halo or Assassin’s Creed, or hanging out with friends. I am so excited to be a part of this fantastic program and to help all of you grow as public speakers!

A Message from Taylor

Senior Instructor

  • Bronze in Poetry at PSCFA Spring Championship 2015
  • Bronze in Duo at State Championship 2015
  • Bronze in Drama at State Championship 2015
  • Gold in Interpreter’s Theatre at National Championship 2015
  • Silver in Prose at Warm-Up 2015
  • Silver in Prose at Watson-Lancer 2015
  • 6th Place Finalist at PSCFA Fall Championship 2015
  • Captain of Saddleback’s Speech and Debate team 2015-2016

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