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Our group of instructors are the best around. We have gathered people from across the United States who have competed in speech and debate tournaments nationally, and internationally. They come from some the most well established Collegiate Speech and Debate programs. These institutions have become what they are today through hard work and dedication, and now we are bring these award-winning personalities to help coach you into being a better communicator. Every one of our instructors have been hand selected based off of their merit and experience in the world of Speech and Debate, and are physical embodiments of hard work, discipline, and charisma. Our team is ready to provide you with the skills necessary to become a successful communicator!

Taylor Stickle

Senior Instructor

Erika Flores

Staff Instructor

Nabeel Faisal

Staff Instructor

Monica Eslamian

Staff Instructor

International Speech and Debate Academy

"Practical Skills for Practical People"

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