Introduction to Public Speaking

The Introduction to Public Speaking course focuses on improving the speaking capabilities of our students. Presenting the basics of public speech through lecture and presentations makes our clients aware of the basics of communication. Through various engaging exercises, our students will develop powerful speaking skills. The aspects of body language, voice control, posture, and eye contact are critical to effective communication. Our exceptional instructors provide guidance through the exercises and deliver feedback to enhance confidence, charisma, and composure. The basics of communication presented in this course develop a foundation for students to expand upon.

About This Course

General Benefits

  • Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication
  • Stronger Articulation
  • Leadership Skills
  • Boosted Confidence
  • Elevated Charisma
  • Enhanced Composure
  • Enriched Social Skills
  • Improved Posture
  • Elementary School

  • Exposure to Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Preparation for Future Schooling
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • Middle School

  • Classroom Discussions
  • Understanding Skill of Speaking
  • Improved Personal Awareness
  • Focusing Pre-Adolescent Energy
  • Business Applications

  • Better Preparation Habits for Presentations
  • Stronger, Comfortable Presentations Skills
  • Coherent and Professional Sales Pitches
  • Confident Posture and Body Language
  • High School

  • Classroom Leadership
  • Stronger Interviews
  • Class Presentations
  • Advanced Reading and Writing
  • College & University

  • Standing Out in Class
  • Better Presentation Grades
  • StrongerThesis/Doctoral Defense
  • Confident Interviews
  • 3-Month, 60-Minute/Session Course: $360

    This is our flagship course and will teach you everything you need to know to become a competent public speaker. This course includes 12 60-minute sessions held once per week. With our competition-winning instructors, you will:

    • Learn how to write and edit a speech
    • Understand the ins and outs of body language and vocal control
    • Write, edit, rehearse, and perform 3 full speeches
    • Receive real-time feedback on the speeches from peers and instructors
    • And much more!

    3-Month, 90-Minute/Session Course: $540

    This course will give you more time to receive real-time feedback from your instructor than the 60-minute per session course. You will be able to:

    • Spend time rehearsing speeches live in the class
    • Perform live readings of your rough drafts to help with editing your speech
    • Have more time to inquire your instructor and peers about your performance
    • And much more!

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