Introduction to Critical Discussion

Our Introduction to Critical Discussion course develops our students’ skills in casual conversations and competitive dialogues. Through various debate-style exercises, this program engages the students in the argumentative side of communication. In this course, our instructors provide topics for the students and act as judges for the debates. The instructors then deliver feedback in order to develop the students’ persuasive capabilities. In the real world, people often have their ideas and opinions put under scrutiny. This course refines our students’ argumentation skills through logic and reasoning, giving power to their words.

About This Course

General Benefits

  • More Intelligent Conversation and Discussions
  • Stronger Argumentation
  • Clearer Communication of Ideas
  • Greatly Improved “On-The-Fly” Speaking
  • Defending Views and Opinions
  • Persuasion Skills
  • Focused Listening
  • Business Applications

  • Meetings, Conferences, and Presentations
  • Preparation for Negotiations
  • Networking and Connections
  • Better Interview Skills
  • Improved Sales Skills
  • Elementary School

  • More Focused Communication
  • Understanding Points of View
  • Patient Listening
  • Better Articulation
  • High School

  • Current Events Awareness
  • Learning Value of Discussion
  • Emotion Management Skills
  • Mature Critical Thinking
  • Middle School

  • Improved Logic and Reasoning
  • Focusing Pre-Adolescent Energy
  • Managing Fear of Public Speaking
  • Better Interaction with Adults
  • College & University

  • Stronger Networking Skills
  • Standing out in class
  • Thesis/Doctoral Defense
  • Stronger Presentations
  • Discussion-Driven Courses
  • 3-Month, 60-Minute/Session Course: $360

    This is our flagship critical discussion course and will give you all of the tools you need for you to become a competent debater. This is a collaborative group course and includes 12 60-minute sessions which will be held once per week over the course of 3 months. With our competition winning instructors, you will:

    • Engage in formal debates against your peers
    • Learn the trade secrets to powerful argumentation
    • Receive real-time feedback from your peers and instructor

    3-Month, 90-Minute/Session Course: $540

    This course will give you more time to engage in formal debates and receive feedback from your peers and instructors. You will have more time to:

    • Prepare with collaborators to prepare for team debates
    • Compete in a formal debate environment
    • Discuss your strengths and weaknesses with peers and instructors
    • And much more!

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